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Creating a Chiropractic Training Culture

Adjusting Ninjas represents a collaborative community dedicated to evolving the art of chiropractic. We train for ourselves, our profession, and the people we serve on the table.

Sharpen your Adjusting Skills

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Adjusting strikes are measured based on precision, biomechanics, and speed. We pursue high performance and assure it with constant and immediate feedback.




For every training session, we provide a specific and progressive training guide that helps you monitor your development by the minute. Get the most out of every workout. Don’t waste time trying to re-invent the wheel.

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We focus on proper biomechanics and functional movements geared to sustain performance and prevent injury. We want you to be able to deliver an artful adjustment AND do it throughout a long career.

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Atlanta, GA

Spartanburg, SC

“When you are focused on mastering your art, you do not require outside motivation. In essence, by doing so, you are being called from above, down, inside, out, and it just becomes habitual.”

– Dr. John Demartini
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Nothing has influenced the course of my Chiropractic art more than the Adjusting Ninjas training system. For the past two years I have been training with the Adjusting Ninjas crew in pursuit of mastery in the Chiropractic analysis and adjusting. Adjusting Ninjas is the most effective, efficient and sustainable program for learning the analysis and art of lightning fast adjustments at ease with purposeful sustainable movements. I will be forever dedicated to the evolution of the art of the adjustment. There is no other program in the world that is creating as good of chiropractic adjusters as the Adjusting Ninjas.

Jordan Fairley
Life Chiropractic College West
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