Activations – ANTC L3 – Dallas, TX

“ACTIVATIONS” aka Adjusting Ninjas Training Camp Level 3 (ANTC III) is a culminating event for those of us looking to break the ties of technique and form.

The “Foundations” of ANTC I prepared our bodies for the rigors of training the art of chiropractic and exposed us to the principles that guide us as we train. The “Adaptations” learned at ANTC II tested the efficiency and sustainability of our movement patterns while under load.

Then, a new ability emerged…

As we began to hold postures/forms in training without the distraction of fatigue or discomfort, we were able to explore a new emotional awareness and connect more with our authentic selves.

At level 1, we learned moves & how to move.

At level 2, we learned how to be moved.

At level 3, we learn how to remove.

ANTC L3 ARTISTRY Activations:

– Our major focus is attracted to the SPINAL CORD, sinking our awarenss to the waves of CSF and how DYNAMIC IMPULSE applications can impact the human experience

– Tonal Analysis & Awareness of Spinal Cord Tension/Torsion/Shearing

– Sacotrubeous and Coccyx Contacts

– Atlas/Occiput Biotensegrity Analysis

– Atlas Impulse Appliations: Toggle, Seated, Supine

– Occiput Impulse Applications : Seated lift, Supine posterior and anterior, Prone Condyle Lift

– C5 Cervical Key at the level of the spinal cord: 3 ways

– Integrative Cranial Work

– Connection 301

ANTC L3 MOVEMENT Activations:

– Application of wave dynamics in human movement

– Linking the universal positions through spiral motion

– Developing intrinsic momentum

– Coupling forces for triplanar power

– Restorative movement through wave and spiral exploration

Prerequisites (ART):

– Attended and completed ANTC 1 & ANTC 2

– Proficieny in facet-level adjusting in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and SI regions

– Competency in disc-level adjusting, palpation, and analysis

– Understanding of Biotensegrity as it relates to human physiology, anatomy, and neuro-spinal dysfunction

– High ability to be PRESENT in the moment

Prerequisites (MOVEMENT)

1) Upper Quarter Integrity

a) Tension: 1-arm hang- 20 sec R L

b) Compression: 1-arm OH press isometric hold- 30 sec R L

– f: 20lb, m: 30lb

2) Lower Quarter Integrity:

a) Hold bottom of pistol squat- 10 sec R L

-may hold 10lb for stability

b) Forward fold- touch floor with hands with neutral spine

-maintain lumbar lordosis

3) Spinal Integrity

a) Jefferson Curl- 10 lb x 10

b) Bridge- hold 30 sec

*Competency is met when the above movements are performed without pain throughout the movements and 48 hours following their completion.

**Movements to be explored are high risk-high reward. Take the prerequisites seriously.


Friday 11/10/17

– 7:30-9:00pm: Welcoming Art/Science/Philosophy talk w/ Dr. Brett Jones and Dr. Lance von Stade

Saturday 11/11/17

– 7am-4pm: ANTC L3 Training

– 7:30-10pm Breaths of Awakening

Sunday 11/12/17

– 7am-3pm ANTC L3 Training

Investment in Self:

Student DC- $350 before Oct.1st 2017, $400 after

DC – $500 before Oct. 1st 2017, $550 after

Payment can be made (3) ways:

1) Eventbrite link (charges cc fees)

2) Cash to reps Molly Stiens or Colten Nevel

3) Venmo via @adjustingninjas (please state what camp payment is for, your best email address, and if you are able to bring a portable table)


Refund policy:
– If a cancellation & refund is requested more than 30 days prior to an ANTC, it shall be granted and $ returned in the form it came in (cash, cc, venmo, etc..)
– If a cancellation occurs 30 days or fewer prior to scheduled ANTC, the registration fee will roll over as a credit that can be used for a future ANTC or Adjusting Ninjas Seminar.

If you have any questions, please email

We look forward to training with you.