Foundations – ANTC L1 – Bloomington, MN

The Adjusting Ninjas Training Camp (ANTC) was born out of the need for elevating the quality of the environment for a chiropractic training program that transcends the current model of art development. MAJOR SHIFTS & BREAKTHROUGHS on the path toward mastering a skill occur in moments of focused energy called FLOW.

By participating in an ANTC, you are choosing to remove yourself from the static noise of our culture of information and DROPPING WITHIN yourself; putting a spotlight directly on the questions, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses within your art form.

This is a BRAVE SPACE; a place where you can feel courageous while training side-by-side with people dedicated to peeling back layers of old habits in order to build effective, efficient, and sustainable practices.

You are joining a movement; a family. We show up for the people we train with and we train for the people we serve.

What to expect:
– Train innovative chiropractic specific drills, exercises, and routines designed to take your artistry to the next level
– Begin to develop an accurate and expansive brain-body reference map with which to layer on decades of practice and sensitivity
– Learn and apply principles of human movement that are applied to the chiropractor’s body as well as to the person on the table
– Learn to palpate, move, and understand the tensional fascial network of the body with concepts from Anatomy Trains, Foundation Training, and Biotensegrity
– Learn the cellular implications of applying the art of chiropractic through the lens of mechanobiology
– Learn how to strengthen your “service muscle”
– Join a tribe of people dedicated to progress with you down the lifelong path toward mastery

*Saturday 10/07/’17 from 6am-4pm CDT
*Sunday 10/08/’17 from 6am-2pm CDT

Investment in self:
Students: $250 if registered before 06/09/17 – $300 after
Docs: $400 if registered before 06/09/17 – $450 after
Adjusting Ninjas Training Camp Alumni: $150


Payment can be made by:
1) Paying cash to student reps – Anna Anderson
2) Paying @adjustingninjas on Venmo
3) Paying using credit card on Eventbrite (this option has merchant processing fees)

Refund policy:
– If a cancellation & refund is requested more than 30 days prior to an ANTC, it shall be granted and $ returned in the form it came in (cash, cc, venmo, etc..)
– If a cancellation occurs 30 days or fewer prior to scheduled ANTC, the registration fee will roll over as a credit that can be used for a future ANTC or Adjusting Ninjas Seminar.

Please bring portable table and spine model if you have one.

If you have any questions, please email

We look forward to training with you.