Kairos Training Camps Level 1 – Foundations – Bloomington, MN

Kairos Training Culture’s FOUNDATIONS Training Camp was created from a void… a void that created a need of elevating the art of chiropractic by providing sacred spaces for self-discovery and a system of training that inspires continual evolution by stepping outside of your comfort zone and into that extra “10%” where growth happens.

During these training camps, many experience MAJOR SHIFTS & BREAKTHROUGHS in their current life patterns and learn to channel focused energy into FLOW states of connectedness.

By participating in a Kairos Training Camp, you are choosing to remove yourself from the static noise of our culture of information and DROP IN WITHIN yourself; putting a spotlight directly on the questions, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses within your art form.

This is a BRAVE SPACE; a place where you can feel courageous while training side-by-side with people dedicated to peeling back layers of old habits in order to build effective, efficient, and sustainable practices.

You are joining a movement; a family. We show up for the people we train with, and we train for the people we serve.

What to expect:
– Train innovative chiropractic specific drills, exercises, and routines designed to take your artistry to the next level
– Begin to develop an accurate and expansive brain-body reference map with which to layer on decades of practice and sensitivity
– Learn and apply principles of human movement that are applied to the chiropractor’s body as well as to the person on the table
– Learn to palpate, move, and understand the tensional fascial network of the body with concepts from Anatomy Trains, Foundation Training, and Biotensegrity
– Learn the cellular implications of applying the art of chiropractic through the lens of mechanobiology
– Learn how to strengthen your “service muscle”
– Join a tribe of people dedicated to progress with you down the lifelong path toward mastery

*Saturday, July 14 from 6am-4pm
*Sunday, July 15 from 6am-2pm

Investment in self:
Students: $300 if registered before Saturday, June 9 $350 after
Docs: $400 if registered before Saturday, June 9 $450 after
Foundations Camp Alumni: $150

Payment can be made by:
1) Paying cash to student reps Tim Borowski
2) Paying using credit card on Eventbrite (this option has merchant processing fees)

Refund policy:
– If a cancellation & refund is requested more than 30 days prior to a Kairos Training Camp, it shall be granted and money will be returned in the form it came in (cash, eventbrite, or venmo)
– If a cancellation occurs 30 days or fewer prior to scheduled Kairos Training Camp, the registration fee will roll over as a credit that can be used for a future Kairos Training Camp (please make sure to alert kairostrainingcamps@gmail.com).

Please bring portable table and spine model if you have one.

If you have any questions, please email kairostrainingcamps@gmail.com

We look forward to training with you.