Kairos Training Camps Level 2 – Adaptations – Atlanta


Kairos Training Culture’s ADAPTATIONS Training Camp answers the call for continued opportunities to increase the pace of growth & learning. Fundamental principles are creatively applied in new ways requiring higher levels of skill, speed, power, and presence. Chiropractic artists are invited to continue discovering new steps to take down the path toward mastery.

– Attended and completed KTC FOUNDATIONS Training Camp
– Show proficiency in: fundamental cervical strikes, originative source of power, speed, precision, accuracy, and bio-mechanics

Topics Covered:
– Disc Level Cervical Analysis & Adjusting
– Seated Master Cervical
– Lumbar Analysis w/ Pull & Push Impulse Applications
– Anterior Dorsal Adjusting for the Lumbar and Thoracic Regions
– Disc Level Thoracic Analysis & Adjusting
– Guided Meditation on Movement
– Integrating “Breaths of Expansion”
– Developing Emotional Awareness & Intelligence
– Discovering New Depths of Listening in Palpation
– Biotensegrity Analysis 2.0

What to expect:
– Advanced application of the fundamentals, concepts & material presented at FOUNDATIONS.
– Train innovative & advanced chiropractic specific drills, exercises, and routines designed to take your artistry to the next level
– Reinforce the development of an sustainable and expansive brain-body reference map with which to layer on decades of practice and sensitivity
– Learn, explore, and apply advanced principles of human movement for the chiropractor’s body as well as for the person you are serving
– Learn advanced methods of palpation, movement, and understanding of the tensional fascial network of the body
– Advance your understanding of the cellular implications of applying the art of chiropractic and moving toward system integration through the lens of mechanobiology
– Move into the next phase of training your “service muscle”; hypertrophy
– Nurture the relationships within the tribe of people dedicated to progress alongside you down the lifelong path toward mastery

*Saturday, April 21, 2018 from 6am-4pm
*Sunday, April 22, 2018 from 6am-2pm

Investment in self:
Students: $350 if before Saturday, April 7 $400 after
Docs: $450 if before Saturday, April 7 $500 after
KTC ADAPTATIONS Facilitator Alumni: $150

Payment can be made by:
1) Paying cash to student reps Hayley Parker, Seth Storment, Taylor Maclean, Jamal Früster
2) Paying @kairostrainingculture on Venmo
3) Paying using credit card on Eventbrite (this option has merchant processing fees)

Refund policy:
– If a cancellation & refund is requested more than 30 days prior to a Kairos Training Camp, it shall be granted and money will be returned in the form it came in (cash, eventbrite, or venmo)
– If a cancellation occurs 30 days or fewer prior to scheduled Kairos Training Camp, the registration fee will roll over as a credit that can be used for a future Kairos Training Camp (please make sure to alert kairostrainingcamps@gmail.com).

Please bring portable table and spine model if you have one.

If you have any questions, please email kairostrainingcamps@gmail.com

We look forward to training with you.