Our Vision

Evolve the Art of Chiropractic

We envision a world supported with artful chiropractors providing an elite level of service. With every masterful adjustment, there is an increased expression of life. With every life that has more expression, there is global rise in consciousness.
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ninja1 - Chiropractic Training Program

Adjusting Ninjas Training Camp

Build your reference map

The Adjusting Ninjas Training Camp (ANTC) was developed to elevate the quality of the chiropractic training culture. MAJOR SHIFTS & BREAKTHROUGHS on the path toward mastering a skill occur in moments of focused energy called FLOW.
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adjusting ninjas Chiropractic Training Program

Online Module Training System

Refine your skill

Our mission is to evolve the art of chiropractic and we believe that will happen when the majority of chiropractors dedicate to train their craft. Continue to grow and learn with Adjusting Ninjas even after the training camp with access to our 6-month online module training system.
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facillitator - Chiropractic Training Program

Facilitator Mastery Camp

Integrate the Art of Facilitation

Adjusting Ninjas Facilitators are those who help lead training sessions for their respective clubs. Each and every facilitator is crucial to the evolution Adjusting Ninjas and the art of chiropractic. We will be holding our first-ever worldwide Facilitator Training Camp in the spring of 2016.
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“The Discipline and Mindset you get from the Adjusting Ninjas Training Camp applies to All Aspects of Life.
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